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Wells County Public Library

Library Board of Trustees Meeting

200 West Washington Street


February 14, 2017




Present: Chaney, Gentis, Johnson, Ramsey, Acord, Minniear, Davis, MacNeill, Tester,

Absent:  Tabor

Public:  Liby


  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by President Minniear.
  2. Public Input:  None
  3. Consent Agenda:  Ramsey moved to accept the consent agenda.   Chaney        seconded the motion, which passed.  The following items were approved and adopted:
    • January 10, 2017 Regular Board meeting minutes
    • January 10, 2017 Board of Finance Minutes
    • Librarian’s Report
    • Treasurer’s Report
    • January 2017 Register of Claims totaling $185,135.37
  4. February 1-14, 2017 Register of Claims:   Acord moved to accept the register of claims, which totaled $165,961.36.  Chaney seconded the motion, which passed.
  5. Correspondence:  None
  6. Staff Reports:  Vi Tester gave a report on the Winter Reading Program.  The Friends of the Library will donate children’s books to Kate’s Kart at Bluffton Regional Hospital.  The number of books donated will be determined by the total number of pages read by participants in the reading program.
  7. Committee Reports:
    • Building:  MacNeill reported on the LED lighting installation.
    • Policy & By-Laws:  The Hours and Access to Information sections were reviewed with no proposed changes.
    • Public Awareness/Outreach:  There will be three Friends of the Library Book Sales this year.  The next one will be February 21-25. 
    • Strategic Plan:  MacNeill explained the tentative process and schedule for the Strategic Plan which will be ongoing for most of 2017.
    • Director Search Committee:  Acord announced that an Open House is planned for the public to meet new Director MacNeill.  It will be March 2, from 5-7 PM in the library meeting room.  A retirement reception is planned for Davis on February 16, from 7-9 PM.
  8. Unfinished Business:  None
  9. New Business:
    •  2016 WCPL data is available on the board drive
    • The Annual Report document was presented.  Johnson made a motion to approve the report as presented.  The motion was seconded by Ramsey, which passed.
    • Information for the 2017 Non-resident fee was presented.  Minnear made a motion to set the fee at $70.  Acord seconded the motion.  Motion passed.
    • Landscape/Snow Removal Contracts were presented from Outdoor Concepts.  Acord made a motion to approve the contract from March 1, 2017 to March 1, 2018 as presented.  Minnear seconded the motion, which passed. 
    • MacNeill will be at the COSUGI conference on April 11 which is the April board meeting.  The meeting date will be changed to April 18.
    • The Spring In-Service date will be May 19th from 8 AM-12 noon.  The library will be closed at this time.
    • Johnson made a motion to hire Hilary Habegger for 8 hours weekly at the rate of $10.60/hr.  Chaney seconded the motion, which passed.
  10. Other Items for Consideration:  None
  11. Floor was opened for roundtable comments from the board members.  Chaney thanked Davis for her guidance and service to the Wells County Public Library.
  12. Next Meeting Announcement:

                        Tuesday, March 14, 2016 @ 6:30 PM at the Main Library.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned by Minnear at 7:40 PM.







                        Robin Minniear, President



                        Nancy Johnson, Secretary