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Wells County Public Library
Library Board of Trustees Meeting
200 West Washington Street
Bluffton, Indiana 46714
December 9, 2014

Present: Acord, Chaney, Davis, Johnson, Minniear, Ryan, Stettner, Tabor

1. Call to Order: President Stettner called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM

2. Public Input: None

3. Consent Agenda: Acord moved to accept the consent agenda. Ryan seconded the motion, which passed. The following items were approved and adopted:
     a. November 11, 2014 Regular Board meeting minutes
     b. Librarian’s Report
     c. Treasurer’s Report
     d. November 2014 Register of Claims for $130,443.31

4. December 1-9, 2014 Register of Claims: Stettner moved to accept the register of claims, which totaled $190,464.10. Tabor seconded the motion, which passed.

5. Correspondence: None

6. Staff Reports: No staff report this month because of the library open house.

7. Committee Reports:
     a. Building:
         i. The contractor has not yet responded to the drain vent pipe issue. Stephanie is working with Design Collaborative on the payment of the scoping bill.
        ii. The town of Ossian has been contacted about getting some additional lighting for the Ossian branch parking lot. There is a dark spot near the bottom of the steps to the parking lot.
       iii. Phil Miller of CMS Roofing visited the library and after reviewing the leak issue around the tower said that his firm did not have a solution to the issue and referred us to a couple of ‘full service’ design contractors.
      iv. Nothing new with the café space.

   b. Policy & By-Laws: Reviewed the Exhibit and Information Access policy with one minor wording change proposed. Johnson moved that the Interlibrary Loan Fee be removed from the policy. The motion was seconded by Acord and the motion passed.

   c. Public Awareness/Outreach: Brochure/pamphlet has been created for the Wells County Foundation Endowment Fund campaign.

8. Unfinished Business: None

9. New Business: None

10. No other items were presented for consideration

11. Floor was opened for roundtable comments from the board members.

12. Next Meeting Announcement

     Tuesday, January 13, 2015 @ 6:30 PM at the Main Library.

     Board of Finance will meet following the regular meeting

13. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned by Stettner at 7:22 PM

Graig Stettner, President

Stephen Tabor, Secretary