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Home Board of Trustees Board Minutes

Wells County Public Library
Library Board of Trustees Meeting
200 West Washington Street
Bluffton, Indiana 46714
April 14, 2015


Present: Acord, Chaney, Davis, Ryan, Stettner, Tabor

1. Call to Order: President Stettner called the meeting to order at 6:28 PM

2. Public Input: None

3. Consent Agenda: Chaney moved to accept the consent agenda. Ryan seconded the motion,   which passed. The following items were approved and adopted:
    a. March 10, 2015 Regular Board meeting minutes
    b. Librarian’s Report
    c. Treasurer’s Report
    d. March 2015 Register of Claims totaling $136,592.78

4. April 1-14, 2015 Register of Claims: Ryan moved to accept the register of claims, which totaled   $104,862.15. Tabor seconded the motion, which passed.

5. Correspondence: None

6. The Chamber of Commerce and Bluffton NOW made their presentation for Tiger Tank which would result in filling the available café space. The presenters where advised that the library         would get back to them with a final response soon.

7. Committee Reports:
    a. Building:
        i. Luther Mock of Foursquare Solutions has been in the hospital, so he is behind in getting to   the library to review the roof leak issue.
       ii. The bollard and Christmas tree outlet at the Ossian branch will be installed by FAL Electric
    b. Policy & By-Laws: The Introduction and Employment and the Benefits policies where             reviewed and accepted with some minor revisions.
    c. Public Awareness/Outreach: This week is National Library week with many events scheduled. Work has begun on the update of the donor wall. A more defined policy needs to be         developed to honor donations.

8. Unfinished Business: None

9. New Business:
    a. The CoC and Bluffton NOW proposal was discussed further with the decision that the             proposal would be further reviewed via E-mails during the coming week. A final decision                 would be given by April 21st.
    b. The possible need to migrate library databases to a new system was discussed. A quote on   the change is expected shortly.

10. Other Items for Consideration: None

11. Next Meeting Announcement:
     Tuesday, May 12, 2015 @ 6:30 PM at the Ossian Branch.

12. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned by Stettner at 8:04 PM

Graig Stettner, President

Stephen Tabor, Secretary