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Home Board of Trustees Board Minutes

Wells County Public Library
Library Board of Trustees Meeting
200 West Washington Street
Bluffton, Indiana 46714
June 9, 2015

Present: Chaney, Johnson, Ryan, Minniear, Acord, Davis

1. Call to Order: Minniear called the meeting to order at 6:32 PM. Minniear is filling in for President Stettner.

2. Public Input: None

3. Consent Agenda: Ryan moved to accept the consent agenda.
Johnson seconded the motion, which passed. The following items were approved and adopted:
    a. May 12, 2015 Regular Board meeting minutes
    b. Librarian’s Report
    c. Treasurer’s Report
    d. May 13-3, 2015 Register of Claims totaling $72,123.09

4. June 1 -9, 2015 Register of Claims: Johnson moved to accept the register of claims, which totaled $103,062.79. Ryan seconded the motion, which passed.

5. Correspondence: A letter of resignation from Christine Wiel effective 6-5-15

6. Staff Reports: Stef Kipfer reported on book clubs begun by the Children’s Department in January. There is a “No Girls Allowed” and “No Boys Allowed” Club. The Friends of the Library purchased the books for the clubs.

7. Committee Reports:
    a. Building:
        i. Luther Mock of Foursquare assessment proposal to fix roof leaks was reviewed.
    b. Policy & By-Laws:
        i. The board committee has reviewed the policy changes suggested by the staff committee.              The list of changes was included in the agenda files.
    c. Public Awareness/Outreach: Donor wall progress was reported. The Committee will review the         Donor Recognition Policy before the next meeting.

8. Unfinished Business: None

9. New Business:
    a. Policy Changes:
        i. Acord moved to accept the policy changes that were presented in the agenda files. The      meeting room fee changes would take effect January 1, 2016. Ryan seconded the motion. Motion passed.
    b. Foursquare Assessment Proposal:
        i. Ryan made a motion to accept the Foursquare assessment proposal for $3500 up to $4000.           Acord seconded the motion. Motion passed.
    c. Oracle Migration Proposal:
         i. Johnson made a motion to accept the Oracle Migration Proposal of $9,595. This would be funded by the endowment dividend from the Wells County Foundation. The work would be done over the library shut down during Street Fair. Chaney seconded the motion. Motion passed.

10. Other Items for Consideration: Public bathroom remodel. The consensus from the board was           to contact Ron Dick with Design Collaborative and Mosaic Building for guidance.
      There will be an Open House for interested parties in renting the Café space on June 18, 2015.

11. Next Meeting Announcement:
     Tuesday, July 14, 2015 @ 6:30 PM at the Main Library.

12. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned by Minniear at 7:40 PM.

Robin Minniear, Acting President

Nancy Johnson, Acting Secretary


An Executive Session was held immediately follow the meeting to discuss personnel pursuant to IC 5-14-1.5-6.1(b)(9)