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The Book Report

Published three times a year, The Book Report contains information on upcoming programs for all ages, library news, new movies, popular books, and more. You can also pick up a print copy of this newsletter from the Main Library or Ossian Branch.

Library Book Report Newsletter

The Book Report Archive  

PDF Document Icon September-December 2018 [PDF 4901KB]
PDF Document Icon January-April 2018 [PDF 5030KB]
PDF Document Icon September-December 2017 [PDF 3114KB]
PDF Document Icon May-August 2017 [PDF 5731KB]
PDF Document Icon January-April 2017 [PDF 3009KB]
PDF Document Icon September-December 2016 [PDF 4142KB]
PDF Document Icon May-August 2016 [PDF 6734KB]
PDF Document Icon January-April 2016 [PDF 3796KB]
PDF Document Icon Sept.-Dec. 2015 [PDF 5078KB]
PDF Document Icon May-August 2015 [PDF 3598KB]
PDF Document Icon January-April 2015 [PDF 2936KB]
PDF Document Icon Sept.-Dec. 2014 [PDF 3240KB]
PDF Document Icon May-August 2014 [PDF 2838KB]
PDF Document Icon January-April 2014 [PDF 1274KB]
PDF Document Icon Sept.-Dec. 2013 [PDF 1385KB]
PDF Document Icon May - August 2013 [PDF 1885KB]
PDF Document Icon March - April 2013 [PDF 457KB]

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Teen Newsletter

Published three times a year, the Teen Newsletter is filled with information on what’s new in the Teen Zone and upcoming teen events. You can also pick up a print copy at the library.

Teen Zone Newsletter

Teen Newsletter Archive 

PDF Document Icon January-May 2017 [PDF 1528KB]
PDF Document Icon Sept.-Dec. 2017 [PDF 1961KB]
PDF Document Icon May-August 2017 [PDF 5731KB]
PDF Document Icon January-May 2017 [PDF 296KB]
PDF Document Icon Sept.-Dec. 2016 [PDF 1961KB]
PDF Document Icon May-August 2016 [PDF 1683KB]
PDF Document Icon January-May 2016 [PDF 2033KB]
PDF Document Icon Sept.-Dec. 2015 [PDF 2033KB]
PDF Document Icon May-August 2015 [PDF 1759KB]
PDF Document Icon January-April 2015 [PDF 889KB]
PDF Document Icon Sept.-Dec. 2014 [PDF 1229KB]
PDF Document Icon May-August 2014 [PDF 1056KB]
PDF Document Icon March-April 2014 [PDF 1585KB]
PDF Document Icon January-February 2014 [PDF 3658KB]
PDF Document Icon Nov.-Dec. 2013 [PDF 1092KB]
PDF Document Icon September-October 2013 [PDF 742KB] 
PDF Document Icon July - August 2013 [PDF 437KB] 
PDF Document Icon May - June 2013 [PDF 456KB]
PDF Document Icon March - April 2013 [PDF 679KB]

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