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Library Patron Policy

**Within the library facilities, the use of the library collection is free to all. Library cards must be presented to check out material.**

Adult patrons and the parents or guardians of card holders under the age of 18 attest to the following disclaimer on all library card applications concerning adherence to library policy and copyright law:
“I accept responsibility for all uses of this card, including fees, penalties, and payment for lost, damaged, or stolen materials. I will abide by library policies and copyright/performance laws. I will report a lost card or any change in my contact information.”

Library Cards

Resident Card
Library cards are issued free of charge and are valid for 3 years to residents of Wells County who do not live within the city limits of Markle. All adults are required to show proof of address. Teen cards are issued to children ages 12 through 17. Kids cards are issued to children ages 4 through 11. Teen and Kids cards require a parent's signature. These cards have limited borrowing privileges as set by the library director. Cards in good standing are eligible for renewal. Any card not barred or blocked by the library’s system is considered in “good standing”. All cards are renewable at no charge.
Property Owner
Non-residents who pay property or personal property tax in Wells County are issued a library card valid for one year. Non-residents need to show tax receipts yearly.

Non-Resident Card
Non-residents who do not have a Public Library Access Card (PLAC card) may have the privilege of borrowing print and non-print materials by purchasing a Wells County Public Library Card. These fees are non-refundable and cards are valid for one (1) year.

Teacher or Institutional Card
Teachers in Wells County, resident or non-resident, may have a library card for use during the school year only. This same type of card may be issued to nursing homes and other institutions at the discretion of the library director.

Valid PLAC cardholders may borrow print and non-print materials. Proper patron codes will be issued to these patrons with an expiration date matching that of a PLAC card. PLAC cardholders do not have access to electronic materials.
Reciprocal Card
Residents or property owners of the Huntington City Township Public Library district serving Huntington Township, the City of Huntington and the Town of Markle, Indiana, and residents or property owners of the Wells County Public Library district serving Wells County, Indiana shall have reciprocal borrowing privileges. The reciprocal patron’s privileges will be the same as a resident patron with the exception of access to electronic material that requires library card authentication.

Student Card
Students, who attend a Wells County school but live outside of Wells County or within Markle City limits, may have a library card for use during the school year only. Current proof of attendance is required. Borrowing privileges are the same as the age appropriate resident card with the exception of access to entertainment movies.

Patron Policy for Young Children & Parents

Out of concern for the safety and security of children and dependent adults, the Wells County Public Library abides by the following policy.
  • Children under 6 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or adult caregiver at all times while in the library. Parents may not leave their young children unattended while using other areas of the library or attending meetings.
  • Children ages 6 and older may use the library unattended as long as they are engaged in activities associated with the use of a public library. Adult caregivers are encouraged not to leave children ages 6 to 10 more than an hour unattended, as their attention spans are limited and they may become bored or disruptive after extended periods of time.
Those responsible for minor children or dependent adults should know
  • A child or dependent adult who is disruptive or who is not reading, studying, using library equipment, or playing quietly may be asked to leave the library.
  • If necessary, a library staff member will contact the police department to report cases of unattended children.
  • In all situations, the parent or adult caregiver who has brought minor children or dependent adults onto the library premises or who has otherwise directed or allowed minor children or dependent adults onto the library premises shall be responsible for the care and safety of those individuals.
  • The library is not responsible for the care and safety of minor children or dependent adults traveling to and from the library premises.
  • The library staff does not take the place of the parent, act as caregiver, nor assume responsibility for the unattended children.
  • Parents are encouraged to talk to the children’s librarian if they have questions or want additional information regarding these policies.

Standards of Patron Behavior

Library patrons are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that enables all patrons and staff to accomplish their intended library tasks in a safe, pleasant, and orderly atmosphere. Library patrons are expected to
  • Behave in a non-disruptive manner. Disruptive or unsafe behavior includes, but is not limited to, loud talking, loud audio equipment, inappropriate language, running, throwing things, hitting, pushing or shoving.
  • Refrain from touching that is threatening, unwelcome, or inappropriate for a family-friendly setting.
  • Avoid unlawful possession of firearms, fireworks, or other weapons on library property.
  • Refrain from the use of all tobacco products on library property. This includes electronic cigarettes.
  • Supervise behavior and safety of minors or dependent adults for which they are responsible.
  • Attend to personal belongings.
  • Use the library, furniture, equipment, and materials for their intended function.
  • Keep passageways and access to the library or any parts of the library open.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • Use covered containers when bringing beverages into the library and comply with posted “No Food or Drink” zones. Food must be confined to individually consumed snacks and must not be distracting to other patrons or damaging to library materials. Patrons must properly dispose of their food and drink trash.
  • Use restrooms only for their intended purpose.
  • Refrain from solicitation of any kind for any purpose without prior approval of the library director.
  • With the permission of the librarian in charge use library telephones for local calls only.
  • Use library telephones for local calls only with the permission of the staff member in charge.
  • Avoid bringing animals, except for service animals, into the library without prior permission of the library director.
  • Use library parking areas and sidewalks safely.
  • Leave the library at the designated closing time.
Staff guidelines and the library’s disciplinary procedures are detailed in the Standards of Patron Behavior Manual.

Incident Reports

  • When an accident occurs, incident reports should be completed, signed and given to the director or branch manager.
  • When disruptive behavior occurs, incident reports should be completed, signed, and given to the director or branch manger.

Video Surveillance

The Wells County Public Library strives to maintain a safe and secure environment for its staff and patrons. In pursuit of this objective, selected public areas of the library premises are under continuous camera surveillance and recording. This policy is in force to deter public endangerment, vandalism, theft, and mischief in unsupervised areas and to identify those individuals involved in such activity for law enforcement purposes. Use of recordings will adhere to the applicable federal, state, and local law concerning the confidentiality of library records and the protection of individual privacy. Clearly worded camera surveillance signage is prominently displayed at library entrances.

Reasonable efforts shall be made to safeguard the privacy of patrons and employees. Cameras are not installed in areas where staff and patrons have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Confidentiality/privacy issues prohibit the general public from viewing security camera footage.

Recordings may be used by authorized individuals or law enforcement to identify the person or persons responsible for library policy violations, criminal activity on library property, actions considered disruptive to normal library operations or violation of the library’s Standards of Patron Behavior.

Recordings are retained until the image capacity of the system is reached. The oldest stored images are automatically deleted. Recordings of incidents are retained and reviewed as long as considered necessary by the library director. All requests for footage by law enforcement will be referred to the library director.