Children's Computers at the Ossain Branch
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The library is a place where good things happen.  Favorite books are found.  Friends are made.  Patrons learn to use their iPads. 1000 books are read before kindergarten.  Summer reading finishers give their prize books to Kate’s … Read More

WCPL has been a Dewey-free library for the past two years.  Books in our library are all shelved by words representing location and subject.  Not only do we no longer shelve non-fiction material by long decimal numbers, but we also have done away… Read More

Thirty-three new magazine titles were just added to the library's Flipster account.  Knitting, crochet, quilting, photography, golf, small business, woodworking, art and decor were just a few interests coverd by the added magazines.  This brings … Read More

A bonus for eBook readers!  Due to a recent software expansion, the WCPL catalog allows patrons to download eBooks and eAudiobooks directly from the library’s catalog without linking to the NIDL site. In the WCPL online catalog all the eBook an… Read More

OverDrive is the vendor that supplies libraries with eBooks and eAudiobooks for patron checkout.  OverDrive is very customer-focused and is constantly trying to improve the user experience.  Several new features were added to our Northeast Indian… Read More

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