Entertainment DVDs in the Library
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Every institution, organization or business has a “sacred cow” or two that they cling to even though there is no logical reason to keep it around.  A sacred cow is that policy, or procedure, or piece of furniture that we keep just because … Read More

The library's cafe space is still waiting and hoping that a coffee shop moves in.  As the library's biggest coffee drinker, I truly miss the convenient coffee source, but more than that I miss the smells and sounds of a vibrant business outside our li… Read More

The library is looking for 1 or 2 paid summer interns.  If you are interested, have completed at least one year at an Indiana college, and received state student assistance, please contact Teresa Dustman for more information on the qualifications and … Read More

I just bought a gift for my granddaughter and the library benefitted! If you need extra incentive to shop, I have a great reason for you to buy your favorite bestseller, those shoes you have been admiring, a new electronic toy, or even boring household su… Read More

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